Starting your studies in Maastricht? Moving to a new city or maybe even a new country can seem very daunting. We are here to help with everything you need, and make your transfer as easy as possible.


Whether you just arrived or are already living in Maastricht, there are many things you need to take care of. We are here to help you every step of the way.


When you are done with your studies, chances are you will be leaving Maastricht. Even though we are sad to see you leave, we can help you move back home and leave on a positive note.

What’s new?

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Zweit veur Leid

Ren op 21 januari mee met team Jules / MECC Maastricht tijdens deze hardloopwedstrijd voor het goede doel!
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Museumnight Maastricht

Friday 13th of April 2018: The 3rd edition of Museumnacht Maastricht will see thirteen Maastricht art venues open their doors from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM!

Leaving Maastricht? Check this!

It’s the season to be moving… whether you graduated (Hooray! Congratulations!) or just moving to an upgraded room (Hooray! Congratulations!) we have you covered.

The Master's

Een mooie betaalbare woonplek en studieruimte, in een prachtige omgeving, 3 minuten lopen van het centrum van de stad Maastricht, (Statenkwartier). Hoog Frankrijk 27 6211 RK Maastricht.


a fundamental, short question posed to all university and applied sciences students, by a business, a government organization, an NGO, or anyone else that needs some extra brainpower.

Jules Maastricht

“We help students with housing, work, education, finance, connectivity, health, languages, transport, leisure and everything else a student needs.”

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Renting a property via Jules Maastricht or have a question about one of our products or services? Contact our customer service and we will help you!


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