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MAC Social Sportsclub is one of the most popular fitness facilities in Maastricht. Located in Maastricht city centre (Brusselsestraat 74), MAC Social Sportsclub is easily accessible throughout the entire week for a proper workout or one of the group sports sessions. We have arranged a special deal for Jules card holders at MAC.

MAC Social Sportsclub includes not only an Athletic Club, but also a Body & Mind Studio where yoga, pilates, tai chi etc. are offered. In its Athletic Club, MAC offers a variety of group classes, such as spinning, steps, bodytraining, and zumba aside from the regular fitness/workout facilities. MAC Social Sportsclub also has a Health Bar, where you can enjoy a fresh smoothy after a workout. In addition, MAC also has outdoor classes such as bootcamp, MAC run and Xco. For a full overview of facilities and classes, go to the MAC website ( MAC Social Sportsclub is opened on weekdays from 9:00-22:30 hr (Fridays until 21:30) and on weekends from 10:00-15:00 hr.

MAC Social Sportsclub is a partner of Jules Maastricht. We have chosen MAC as our partner because it welcomes both Dutch and international students. English is spoken in all classes and by all instructors. Jules card holders are entitled to a significant discount on their subscription at MAC. A subscription includes full access to all facilities (Athletic Club ánd Body & Mind Studio, group classes, and saunas) at any time.

SubscriptionRegular priceJules card holder priceDiscount
4 months198 euro139 euro30%
6 months279 euro199 euro29%
12 months534 euro375 euro30%
24 months1068499 euro47%

These subscriptions are special in the sense that normally, you register for either the Athletic Club or the Body & Mind Studio. With these subscriptions you can make use of both.

How to make use of this discount
This special offer is available for all Jules card holders. To register for the special price all you have to do is fill out the registration form for MAC at the Jules office. We will provide it with proof of your membership for MAC, and you will take the form to MAC during the first day you start your sports subscription. The payment will be made at MAC, not at Jules. Please note that apart from the subscription costs, €12,50 will be added as a MAC membership card deposit. The deposit will be returned to you once you return your card upon ending your membership at MAC (if returned within 2 months upon the last day of your membership). Along with the €12,50 deposit, another €12,50 will be charged as administration costs.

Please take note of the following

  • This discount subscription may only be used once. It is not possible to first get a Jules discount for a 4-month subscription and then subscribe again for 4 of 6 months, again using the discount. Hence, use the discount wisely and think about how long you want to stay a member. As you can see, the longer you subscribe for, the bigger the discount.
  • Unlike other rules you might read, the Jules special membership at MAC will not be automatically prolonged into a regular subscription. It will just end.
  • Once this special MAC membership ends, you may want to stay a member of MAC. Then you have to pay the regular rate. We advise you to prolong your membership at MAC on the last day of your discounted membership, or even before. If you don’t and wait until after this special membership has ended, a registration fee will be charged again if you decide to re-register.
  • When you make use of the MAC facilities, please always make sure to bring a towel and wear clean non-marking shoes that are meant for indoor use.
  • When you register for the MAC membership via Jules, you will sign a form. This form is like a contract. You commit to the membership, and also to paying the subscription fee. Even if you end up never actually working out, your registration in itself will mean that you commit to paying the subscription fee. Formally speaking Jules is an intermediary but no party in the contract between you and MAC. Hence with questions about the contract, we advise you to address the MAC staff directly.
  • Please know that your subscription of MAC starts on the date you indicate as a starting date on the registration form, not on the first day you show up at thye gym.

Upon registration we will also give you an information sheet with all of the above listed again. Here you find a digital version of this information sheet:

Information sheet Maastricht Social Sports Membership for Jules & You members

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