Are you tired of that bland colour on you wall? Did you lock yourself out and need to replace your lock? Did your heating suddenly stop working? Jules’ technical staff can help you with all your technical problems! Call us at +31 (0)43 321 97 26 for an immediate solution to your problem.

Is your problem not as urgent, but would you like to know how our Handyman service can help you? Please fill out the form below.

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Boris & Ceryl

Boris & Ceryl

Technical management

Boris & Ceryl are not in office most of the time. As they are in charge of everything technical in the Jules accomodations, but also of new- and reconstructions, they are usually all over Maastricht. They are also in charge of the team that gets up at night when your heating might fail on you, or when there is another technical problem that needs immediate attention. It is good to have specialists in this field, because having a nice warm home where everything functions well is one of the core elements of feeling at home in Maastricht.