Get the Jules Card

To enjoy our care to the fullest, be sure to get your own Jules Card.

For this card you pay a one time fee of €15,- to become a lifetime cardholder. If you wish, you can already get it before you arrive in Maastricht. Just click HERE and you’ll be taken to the form right away. You can also buy it at our office once you arrive in Maastricht.

With the Jules Card you enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 service no matter what you need and where you are*
  • all of our services and products for discounted prices
  • discounts in over 100 shops, bars and other useful places in Maastricht

*of course within reason, related to your (student)life in Maastricht. So no: if you want a unicorn at 03.00 in the morning we cannot get you one. Ever. Sorry. We will however come and open your door if you have locked yourself out (or contact your landlord if we don’t do the maintenance on your building…)