Food & Drinks

Maastricht is perfect for cooking enthusiasts, foodies, and everyone who is into enjoying a good meal and a good drink. Bon appétit!

The city has plenty to interest you inFood & Drinks Harry's terms of food & drinks, because nearly every cuisine has at least one restaurant here. From Mediterranean and Asian specialities to local delights and from Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional Maastricht working-class pubs, the countless restaurants offer hospitality and quality for every budget.

And don’t forget the budding coffee culture here: there are numerous cool places where you can get any variety of coffee you want! Check out the world famous Dominicanen Bookshop with a Coffeelovers that makes a mean espresso. Food & drinks are to be found in Maastricht to your heart’s content and for any budget.

Need any tips? Brandweerkantine is great place in a converted firehouse, Tapijn is great for food & drinks in an old soldier’s barracks. Food & Drinks TapijnThe Jeker Quarter has a couple of places you have to visit: Café Sjiek is known all over the world and a popular location for the locals, Café Lure has a great terrace and some great food at student prices. Cafe Forum is an all round great place with live Jazz on Mondays and when at Café Tribunal try ‘Trudies teleur’ (dish of the day)!

The Vrijthof is lined with pubs and so is the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein (OLV) and the Market Square. Try a “pèlske” on one of the terraces and feel the difference in atmosphere!

Travel across the Sint Servaas bridge and in Wyck you find Harry’s, Bouchon d’en Face for a more upscale experience, Wycker Cabinet, Irish Pub and the Poshoorn with different atmospheres and Burgerlijk for great burgers!

But our secret tip? Just go out and explore the city! And when you find that hidden gem that no one knows? Keep it to yourself or let us know and let others share too!