BSGW stands for Municipal and Water Board Tax Collaboration Scheme. BSGW is tasked by the municipality of Maastricht with the responsibility of implementing water board and municipal taxes. This collaboration is meant to maximize the social return from cooperation between local authorities in terms of levying and collecting taxes.


Everybody who is registered in the city of Maastricht needs to pay taxes to the BSGW. However it could be that you don’t always receive a letter and invoice about this personally. In that case either your landlord or a housemate received the letter. It is important to realize that you as a tenant have the obligation to pay for this, also if your landlord or housemate ask you for this.

Important BSGW related terms

  • Rioolheffing
  • Afvalstoffenheffing
  • Hondenbelasting
  • Kwijtschelding
  • Sewage tax
  • Waste tax
  • Dog tax
  • Remission