Dutch for Newbies – register now

Dutch for newbies is the perfect language course for everyone who just arrived in Maastricht. Together with other ‘newbies’ you will start your day by learning the basics of the Dutch language. In the late afternoon you will join an excursion in Maastricht with the other newbies, ”gezellig!”.

You will: 

>  join a guided city walk

>  learn how to make the best ‘Maastrichste’ vlaai (famous local pie)

>  visit the MVV’s soccer stadion

>  learn more about Dutch beers during a professional beer tasting session

>  visit a beautiful Dutch cinema to watch a movie


Price: €349,- including a Jules-Card
 27-31 August, 5 days
Time: 9.30-18.00
Location: Jules Office in Maastricht (Bouillonstraat 12)

‘’Above learning the Dutch language and finding your way through Maastricht, you’ll meet new friends for life!’’